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Toys “R” Us Comeback?!

Toys “R” Us Comeback?!

I guess the question is: Will Toys “R” Us bankrupt giant reopen as the rumors are saying?

Sources are saying YES they will be canceling the Bankruptcy proceedings and re-opening their doors soon. I do not know how this is possible, but I am sure there are a lot of people rooting for the late retail toy store to re-open, and some…say no!

USA Today says this:

The answer to the full on re-open is “not quite”, but, here is what is going on. The first signs of some type of reemergence is happening! In which the lenders who own a piece of the old Toys R Us have revealed that they are keeping the corporate brand names and all intellectual properties, including the beloved Geoffrey, the brands giraffe mascot and are starting to wet their beaks back in the toy business with a wholesale venture called Geoffrey’s Toy Box.

The newest business venture is being operated out of the Toys R Us business headquarters building in Wayne, where some employees are still reporting to work.  Geoffrey, LLC, a subsidiary of Toys R Us introduced itself to to toy manufacturers Tuesday saying that it is working on a plan that could bring “new and re-imagined Toys R Us stores back on the market.


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