Thor: Ragnarok: Taika Waititi Nearly Based His Film On Valhalla’s Destruction Instead Of Asgard

Thor: Ragnarok: Taika Waititi Nearly Based His Film On Valhalla’s Destruction Instead Of Asgard

It won’t be wrong to say that Thor: Ragnarok is the best film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that is due to the fact that the film accomplished a lot. The Taika Waititi directed film took a funny approach to the character, and it turned out to be great. However, in between all that comedy, the film laid to rest a lot of MCU doubts that fans had after watching the previous films. Thor is rated as one of the top MCU heroes, and this film clearly showed why he is so (something that the two earlier Thor solos didn’t do). Therefore, it is obvious that Thor: Ragnarok was the best solo movie of the character, and we would love to see some more such films before the exit of Thor from MCU.

Taika Waititi removed all that failed to work in the earlier films. He removed the unutilized Warriors 2 with three new and amazing characters, the Incredible Hulk, Valkyrie and the adorable Korg. He didn’t keep pursuing the narrative of Thor being obsessed with Jane Foster without any reason. The film threw her character out for good. Even after two movies, Asgard didn’t become fan favourite, so the Golden city was destroyed. Even Odin was not being utilized by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so he was given a respectful farewell.

Most of the fans loved the unique new dimension that the movie took, it might have been much different from what eventually came to be. The director Taika Waititi disclosed that the film was almost going to be based on Valhalla instead of Asgard. The film took place in four locations, as it hopped from Earth to Sakaar, to the realm of the fire-demon Surtur and finally to the invincible Asgard. As mentioned above, the outcome of the film was: Ragnarok.

Ragnarok was a prophecy which was bound to come true somehow, and Thor finally understood that and that’s when he let Surtur destroy Asgard and Hela. The planet’s foundation itself was wrecked, but, it still survived because Asgard is not just a place, but, a people. What fascinates us now is the fact that the film’s initial draft had a major chunk of the story based on Valhalla, and not on Asgard. Taika Waititi recently had a conversation about the initial plans that he and the studio had about the movie. The director told The Empire Film Podcast that:

There were versions of the story in the very beginning where we weren’t even on Asgard. We would spend a lot of time in Valhalla. Actually went to Valhalla and had this big showdown there but that idea only lasted a couple of weeks.“

Therefore, the grand battle in Valhalla was supposed to be the end of that realm and not Asgard. However, what was eventually shown was far better as it wrapped up Thor’s narrative and started a new saga.

For the fans who don’t have an idea, Valhalla is the Hall of the Dead, according to the Norse Mythology, and it is the place where the souls of the brave warriors go for peace. Typically, the Valkyries are associated with Valhalla as they are responsible for transporting the souls of fallen warriors to this realm. It is fascinating to find out that Marvel had plans to feature Valhalla in the MCU, and it has been given a great deal of “afterlife world” look in the printed comics. We would have seen a lot more of Valkyries as a part of that dimension since they were the ones who had perished fighting Hela.

Still, we are happy that this was an idea that existed only for a couple of weeks, and the film took the direction that we saw. Without Asgard, the last Thor film might not have been what fans would have enjoyed so much. Therefore, if Waititi wanted to depict such a story, it was important for him to first take Asgard out. Therefore, just in case we do get another Thor film if Chris Hemsworth’s contract is renewed, then Waititi might once again return and make Thor undertake another space trip.

As of now, we expect Thor to make his final appearance in Avengers 4, scheduled to release on May 3, 2019.

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