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Star Wars: Rian Johnson Confirms That His Trilogy Is Very Much In Development

Star Wars: Rian Johnson Confirms That His Trilogy Is Very Much In Development

Rian Johnson has clarified that he is still very much working on his solo Star Wars trilogy. He had a great association with Lucasfilm while making The Last Jedi, and all concerned chose to continue this partnership. Before the premiere of Episode VIII, it was announced by the studio that Johnson would helm a fresh trilogy which would not be related to the ongoing Skywalker saga. In fact, his pitch was approved without even a story being in place, but, one thing is certain that it will feature new characters and showcase new locations to the audiences, eventually expanding the franchise.

Right from the time of that first announcement, Star Wars has veered into a much different direction. Johnson’s creative decisions in The Last Jedi have turned the film into a highly divisive blockbuster. To make things worse, Solo: A Star Wars Story (releasing five months after The Last Jedi) became the first film ever from the Star Wars franchise to sink money at the box office, leading to a question mark on the future spinoff films. Reportedly, the Obi-Wan and Boba Fett spinoffs which were assured back then, have now been put on hold. However, Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy has still been progressing. That is how things continue to be.

Rian Johnson replied to a fan’s question on Twitter regarding the status of his upcoming trilogy. He replied that he is still working on the project. You can check his post below:

We are not surprised to see this. Despite all the talk about polarizing the fandom, The Last Jedi was loved by critics, and it earned $1.3 billion on the global box-office. The film was a big hit for Lucasfilm, and it is logical that they would want to keep working with Johnson (especially due to the fact that he is one of the very few directors that they worked smoothly with). In case, Kathleen Kennedy needed to scrap a project she had approved previously, it would make the studio look even worse than the impact of one film not making enough money. The problem with Solo is more layered than its failure being due to the fan resent in the wake of The Last Jedi. Lucasfilm only needs to learn its lessons and use the new wisdom to make successful future Star Wars films. The Rian Johnson trilogy is crucial for them, and they will try everything to ensure its success.

For now, the major question is when will the Johnson trilogy hit the big screen. After Star Wars: Episode IX, the only Lucasfilm project officially announced is Indiana Jones 5 scheduled for 2021. Since Johnson is expected to create the story before starting production, he might still be far from being ready to get going. Maybe more will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration next year, but, in all likelihood, this trilogy could start in 2022, giving fans a three years gap to miss their beloved galaxy far, far away.

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