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All-New Star Wars And Back To The Future Mashup Images Will Leave You In Awe

All-New Star Wars And Back To The Future Mashup Images Will Leave You In Awe

The universes of Back to the Future and Star Wars were seen being mashed up in an all-new image that the actor, Mark Hamill had shared. He calls this The Empire Strikes Back to the Future. The Luke Skywalker actor is known for taking time out for sharing things with his fans and even answering their questions.

This epic mashup of Star Wars and Back to the Future has two edited images- the first one shows us Doc Brown and Marty McFly and their heads have been switched with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. This picture is from the movie, Back to the Future 2, and Jabba the Hutt from A New Hope. Jabba looks happy in this image, and so he might be attempting to actually help Luke and Obi-Wan in going against Biff Tannen.

The next mashup photo is that of Luke Skywalker (Marty McFly), and he is in a diner with George McFly. McFly is actually Anakin Skywalker-Hayden Christensen. If we look closely, we will see a few Stormtroopers patrolling about, and it is not clear who has done this edit for The Empire Strikes Back to the Future.

Mark Hamill is now getting all geared up to play the role of the character, Luke Skywalker in the movie, Star Wars 9. We do not know, however, how his character will return in the movie. He may appear as a Force Ghost who will help Rey, or he may be shown in a few flashback sequences.

Luke Skywalker’s story arc in the movie, The Last Jedi, had not been received well at all. Fans hope that J.J. Abrams will redeem this character. Rian Johnson had taken a very different approach to this titular character and made him negative and dark, and this had not been appreciated by the Star Wars fans.

We have a year of waiting to do until this movie releases, so for now, we can enjoy the Star Wars and Back to the Future mashup images.

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