‘Shazam!’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: Who Is Mystery Villain?

‘Shazam!’ Post-Credits Scene Explained: Who Is Mystery Villain?

Shazam’s post-credits scene had revealed a new villain that a few of the fans had seen coming.

After the credits roll, the fans see Dr Sivana (Mark Strong) being been incarcerated for a lot of his crimes. The walls of his jail are seen covered from floor right up to the ceiling in what we can say is a nonsensical scrawling.

However, the fans know that they are magical symbols and Sivana is trying to bring back a few of his lost power after the Seven Deadly Sins had been extracted from his eye by Shazam.

As he is putting the finishing touches on his arts project, the doctor’s chalk snaps, and it leaves him with nothing. He then screams when a silent and unsettling laughter starts to creep in. A robotic voice tells Sivana that the symbols are rudimentary and that there are many other ways to acquire magic.

Sivana then sees who is speaking all these words and it is a caterpillar- the one the fans had seen in the wizard’s cave when the film started and a small voice box is slung around its neck. As Sivana then whispers his amazement, the crawler says that all the Seven Realms will belong to them.

While a talking insect might confuse a few of the viewers, you would know that the talking caterpillar is Mister Mind, who is a vintage Shazam villain and dates back to the 1940s.

He is a megalomaniacal alien worm and also an ally of Sivana in the comic books. He is obsessed with the conquering worlds and had founded the Monster Society of Evil. While he might be an old character, Mister Mind’s cinematic encounter with Sivana has been inspired by 2013’s Justice League No. 21 in the New 52 continuity.

Mister Mind’s introduction feels like Thanos’ introduction in 2012’s The Avengers.

The Mad Titan can trace his roots back to the early ‘70s when Jim Starlin had introduced him to the whole world.

There had been a lot of debates online about his cameo in The Avengers. Is DC now going for the same effect?

It does feel like Mister Mind is DC’s Thanos. Mister Mind’s stature can be comical if the synthesised voice was not so disconcerting

Mister Mind does not have to stay small of course, and in the comic books, he had metamorphosed into a huge and grotesque bug which had red eyes, sharp pincers, yellow wings and he had a hunger to consume the whole universe.

Shazam! is in theatres now.

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