9 Fabulous Quicksilver Facts That Prove He Is Better Than DC’s Flash

9 Fabulous Quicksilver Facts That Prove He Is Better Than DC’s Flash

Quicksilver has his powers thanks to the Time Alteration!

Back in 1997, Quicksilver came across another version of himself, called Nestor. Nestor told him that his powers were due to a form of time alteration. Writers didn’t recall this for a while before Quicksilver got exposed to Terrigen Mists and momentarily got time-alteration powers.

Quicksilver is faster than lightning and can run across oceans.

Quicksilver is faster than Thor’s lightning bolts. He can also run so fast that his feet skim the surface of water.

Writer Peter David says that Quicksilver is so arrogant due to a side-effect of his powers.

Peter David revealed that Quicksilver is like someone who is waiting in queue behind a lady carrying 20 packages and wanting to find out every possible option of shipping them to Africa. Quicksilver is the fastest being on Earth, and it is obvious that everyone else irritates him.

Quicksilver debuted as A Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants set up by Magneto.

Quicksilver turned out to be one of the Second Generation Avengers.

The second version of Avengers was “Cap’s Kooky Quartet.” This team featured Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.



Quicksilver has an Inhuman daughter.

During the time when Inhuman Crystal was taking care of Quicksilver, they fell in love and had a daughter called Luna. She experienced Terrigenesis and got the power to differentiate between truth and lies. She was aware of the fact that Quicksilver was lying. For a period of time they remained distant, but, then Quicksilver decided to tell her the truth.


His love for his sister led to the Marvel’s House of M event.

After Scarlet Witch went crazy and her mind was unhinged, the Avengers and the X-Men thought about killing her. Quicksilver was upset by this and abducted her, leading her to cast a reality spell which produced an alternate reality, House of M, and ultimately it caused the loss of powers of the Mutants.



The Ultimate Universe version of Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch shared an immoral romantic relationship.

Outright disgusting! Marvel can at times cross the limits. The Ultimate Universe version of Quicksilver and his sister The Scarlet Witch are shown as lovers, and we won’t be sharing the details.


Marvel has altered things, and now Quicksilver is neither a mutant nor a son of Magneto.

In the 2014’s AXIS event, Marvel shuffled things around and did away with the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with Magneto. The common idea is that Magneto is their father, and their mother had run away before their birth.


There is some kind of a agreement between Marvel and Fox about Quicksilver.

Marvel used Scarlet Witch, and Fox uses Quicksilver. The two studios seem to have a mutual agreement, and they both have their own versions of the characters.

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