7 Characters From Outside Comic Books That Could Defeat Thanos Without Any Difficulty

7 Characters From Outside Comic Books That Could Defeat Thanos Without Any Difficulty

It fascinates us to see how the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Thanos has been shown to be a God-like being. He is among the mightiest cosmic beings in the whole galaxy. The standout thing about Thanos is that he is not merely a rampaging cosmic warlord who is wreaking havoc to establish a universal empire or showcase his supremacy. Rather, his mission has a much bigger purpose of restoring the balance to the whole universe.

In Thanos’ opinion, the expanding population is an evil, and it has to be regulated, and that is the only way of solving problems like poverty and inadequacy because the resources are limited and rapidly depleting. His idea of course correction is to wipe out half of the life from the universe so that the remaining living beings can live a peaceful and prosperous life.

That’s why Thanos embarked on a mission to gather all six Infinity Stones, and in his effort to get hold of the Stones, he defeated the Avengers and Guardians and the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War. He defeated the Hulk by sheer force. His intellect and planning was unmatched in the universe. He managed to get hold of the Infinity Stones and did what he set out to do.

However, is Thanos actually unbeatable? Team Iron Man nearly beat him on Titan and things would have been different had Star-Lord not messed up. There has been a great deal of chatter about which superheroes are powerful enough to beat Thanos. However, what if Thanos was to fight non-comic book characters? Here we present some who would have defeated Thanos without much effort!

Bruce Almighty

You can laugh as much as you want, but, here is a guy who was appointed God by the God himself. Despite being a funny movie, Bruce had some serious powers. He was capable of doing anything that he wanted. Thanos had to rely on the Infinity Stones to kill half of the life from the universe, but, Bruce could have done it by merely whistling and needed no finger snap or anything.


The God of War had killed the whole Greek Pantheon, and Kratos is not someone you would like to mess with. We are confident that if Kratos attacked Thanos instead of Hulk, but, the result would have been Thanos’ defeat. Kratos also has mystical divine artifacts.


Sephiroth was only a soldier before he went rogue. In the Final Fantasy game series, there is only one villain who has grabbed everyone’s attention: Sephiroth. Other than the standard superhuman strength and speed, Sephiroth is also capable of casting mighty magic and could be the strongest character from the Final Fantasy universe.


Lucy had to be here. Imagine she achieved critical efficiency. She has become one with the universe and is capable of doing whatever she wants. Thanos appears on the scene with his Infinity Gauntlet. This is going to be a battle that would be worth watching. While one of them would be able to alter reality, the other would make the impossible happen.

Darth Vader 

The Force is a mighty phenomenon, and Vader is one of its best exponents. While Yoda and Galen Marek are much stronger than Vader in force usage, Vader is someone who has become the most potent Force wielder. Darth Vader has literally become the embodiment of Force. He can win against anyone if the Force desires so. He has choked his rivals to death by just a flick of his wrists.

The fact that he is a dark side guy makes him more savage in battle, and he will kill without any second thoughts. He has a huge army at his disposal that can give ‘Outriders’ a good fight. He also has a good understanding of the cosmic mechanism and outer space functionalities, so in comparison to Avengers or other superheroes he is superior, and despite Thanos being a powerful enemy, Vader might be able to beat him.


Goku is an uncommon hero. He is way too powerful. Therefore, his show has to come up with villains that could justify his powers. The outcome is seeing a lot of mayhem being created by Goku and his rivals on the battlefield. If you watch Dragon Ball, you will know what we mean. Goku is not only a superb user of energy but, the best combatant in the universe.

He has the power to control objects through touch and is a telepathic master who can read minds and recover lost ground. His invisible eye blasts are so insanely powerful that he seldom uses them. Goku is an enemy that Thanos would struggle against.


Here we don’t talk about the version currently being seen in Supernatural. The Castiel version we talk about is from the past when he had cheated Dean and Sam to turn into an eight winged natural force. Castiel is also a Warrior Angel aka a Seraph. That is proof enough of his superiority over Thanos.

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