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Director, Mel Gibson To Re-Create The Movie, Wild Bunch

Director, Mel Gibson To Re-Create The Movie, Wild Bunch

Sam Peckinpah’s 1969 movie, The Wild Bunch is now all set to get a remake at Warner Bros. with the director, Mel Gibson. He is set to co-write, executive produce and direct, this project. The actor is co-writing this remake movie with Bryan Bagby. It is not yet evident if Mel Gibson will create a remake or if he will deviate from Peckinpah’s movie. Warner Bros. has been working with Gibson for quite some time and has also asked him to direct Suicide Squad 2.

The Wild Bunch had a lot of controversies after the release in the year, 1969 for its graphic violence. This movie is about the story of a few aging outlaws who go after one last score on the US and Mexico border. Other than the graphic violence, Sam Peckinpah’s movie had been known for multi-angle, intricate, quick-cut editing and slow-motion images and these had been revolutionary cinematic techniques.

Mel Gibson had been on the director’s chair for the World War II biopic called Hacksaw Ridge. Gibson is all set to helm the World War II drama called Destroyer, which will focus on the Battle of Okinawa. This movie is all set to start production by next spring, and Mark Wahlberg will star in this movie.

A lot of Mel Gibson’s projects, like The Passion of the Christ, Hacksaw Ridge, and Braveheart, have been well-known for their graphic violence, and The Wild Bunch remake will not be a stretch for Mel Gibson.

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