Injustice 2: Wonder Woman Just Killed Batman’s [Spoiler]

Injustice 2: Wonder Woman Just Killed Batman’s [Spoiler]

In the world of Injustice, just like the DC universe, as long as we have Batman, the world can hold out to hope. This is why when the Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe crossover had started off; everyone had been wondering who was the man wearing the cowl in the alternate reality story-Injustice 2 video game end.

The finale had seen Superman defeat Brainiac and then turn on Batman for re-establishing his grip on the planet. In this entire process, he had used an alien’s technology and had converted Bruce Wayne into Black Oracle. This crossover had then revealed the identity of the Batman who was leading the Resistance.

In the last issue, Teela and He-Man had gotten access to Kryptech, and this had allowed them to sneak into the Man Of Steel’s Metropolis base and also take down his entire regime. As they had been heading out, Batman is seen confronting He-Man regarding disobeying all his orders. He then reminds He-Man about the value of their teamwork and also admits that he did not enlist him from Eternia to be hot-headed. Batman is then seen telling him that he knows about this kind of behavior and reveals that he is Damian Wayne.

Damian then admits how he was wrong to have sided with Superman. He then apologizes for killing Dick Grayson and also for all his actions that had led to his father’s imprisonment. He-Man is then reminded of his brash days as Prince Adam, and he then shows respect for Damian.

This issue then goes on to barrel into the Resistance’s attack on Kal-El’s base, and the Dark Knight’s team takes on Wonder Woman’s team of the Suicide Squad. This includes Deathstroke, Lobo, Cheetah, Grodd, Two-Face and Riddler. Damian then goes after his father and tries to break the stranglehold of the Kryptech, and he then pours out his heart and also apologized for allowing Superman to use him. After he is finished, Wonder Woman then lassos his neck and, being the merciless villain that she now is, snaps his neck.

This then shunts Bruce out of his trance, and he screams and mourns for his son. It is a very heartbreaking scene, and he is seen staring at Damian’s body. It remains to be seen how Batman will cope with this as he has lost Tim Drake also. This may be the tragedy that actually breaks the superhero. The sequence is also a call back to Superman losing his baby when Joker tricked him and made him kill a pregnant Lois.

All the fans will surely recall Damian and how he had brought Alfred back using the Lazarus Pit. So, with Jason Todd as the Red Hood, if Bruce really wants time off, then he can loan him the cowl, as Jason had acted as a gun-toting Dark Knight in Injustice 2.

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