Confirmed: Hulk’s Snap In Avengers: Endgame Not Only Brought Back The Fallen But Also Achieved This

Confirmed: Hulk’s Snap In Avengers: Endgame Not Only Brought Back The Fallen But Also Achieved This

All the events of the movie, Avengers: Endgame had restored the lost superheroes from the MCU, and wrapped up a decade-long Infinity Saga with the final battle against Thanos. However, this film had raised many questions about time travel, and alternate realities, as well.

The boss of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, had taken part in a Reddit AMA thread and had been asked about the snap. A few people were flying in aeroplanes when they had disappeared, and a few had been driving their car that had crashed into Nick Fury. So what actually happened to these people? Were they actually brought back in the air, and in the middle of a busy street?

Feige had said that because the Hulk is now ‘Smart’ Hulk, he had not only been strong enough to wield the gauntlet, but also he had brought everyone back to safety.

This was not a question that the movie had to answer, but it is definitely nice to know that Kevin Feige has a few answers to the mysteries the Snap.

While there are many questions about where we will go from here, there are many possibilities for what had happened during the five years between the two snaps. Joe and Anthony Russo had addressed the very need for a time jump:

“We wanted something that allowed them to change enough,” Joe Russo said.

“We needed enough time for them to process their grief that it would alter them as people.”

“They were past the immediate grieving period,” Anthony Russo said.

Avengers: Endgame is now playing in theatres.

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