8 Spider-Man Comics That Tear Apart The Spider-Man Universe

8 Spider-Man Comics That Tear Apart The Spider-Man Universe

Spider-Man is a fictitious superhero from Marvel Comics, created by Marvel legends Stan Lee and Steve Ditko during a period renowned as the Silver Age of Comic Books. His comic book debut was in an anthology series titled Amazing Fantasy #15 (published in August 1962). He is an orphan named Peter Parker who lived with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents tragically died in a plane crash. As per his origin story, he was bitten by a radioactive spider and received special spider-like abilities such as the power to shoot spider-webs from his wrists, ability to cling to any surface, climb up straight walls, and also a special spider-sense which gave him a premonition about any approaching danger. He has fought numerous supervillains including Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Venom. While he started out as a teenager who wanted to become famous, he soon realized that great power comes with great responsibilities. Soon Sony started making movies featuring this iconic character.

Upon the release of the first Spider-Man film, back in 2002, fans were hesitant, but, hopeful. Before that, the various attempts at making movies based on Marvel characters had been horrible, but, the X-Men film had released to great response, and the credentials of director Sam Raimi (Evil Dead and producer of Hercules/Xena) made fans hopeful.

Raimi’s movie hit the mark. Spider-Man was a blockbuster and led to two more multi-million dollar sequels, one of which is the greatest superhero film ever, according to a lot of people.

However, the third Spider-Man movie was a disaster all around, and it led to a reboot of the franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012. This was a two year long series, and it folded with the terrible The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man got yet another reboot courtesy of Sony/Marvel tie up, and we will next see the character in Avengers 4 as well as his solo movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home next year.

Despite an absolutely ridiculous history, these films give plenty of scope to fans to create hilarious content. Here we present eight incredibly funny Spider-Man memes which tear apart the movies.

1. The Problem With A Solo Venom Movie Without Spider-Man


2. Spidare To Dream



3. The Mathematical Law of Superhero Film Villains


4. Not So Secret Identities: Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man


5.  Why Spider-Man Needed A New Suit For Infinity War


6. The Horrible Secret of Spider-Man’s Powers

7. The Forgotten Avenger Finally Gets Credit


8. The Terrible Truth About Every Marvel Fanboy

Credits: Dorkly

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