Here’s Why Deadshot Should Be Replaced By Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke In Suicide Squad 2

Here’s Why Deadshot Should Be Replaced By Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke In Suicide Squad 2

Will Smith’s DC character, Deadshot might not return for James Gunn’s next movie, The Suicide Squad 2 and many fans think that Deathstroke should replace him. Although Suicide Squad had been far from a praised film, one of the elements that all the fans enjoyed was Deadshot. This hitman had a very touching and personal storyline and had been a standout during the action scenes as well. Smith making a decision to leave the franchise surely does leave Warner Bros. and DC Films in tough spot.

There is a possibility of recasting Deadshot so that the character can be in Suicide Squad 2, but this may cause a problem. Will Smith is one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood, and the bar has already been set for anyone else who would replace the character. Instead of recasting the character, Warner Bros. could just try and replace the character, and we already have a contender-Joe Manganiello’sDeathstroke.

Manganiello has made a brief an appearance as the character, Slade Wilson in the DCEU during the post-credits scene of Justice League. He is the best casting for the assassin, and this is why many of the fans were happy about his DCEU future.

The very interest in Manganiello’s take on Deathstroke has been around for a lot of years as the actor had been in consideration to play the role of Deathstroke for the first Suicide Squad movie.

The sequel to Suicide Squad is now shaping up to be pretty different from the initial plans, but the change can maintain smaller consistencies because Deathstroke is a great replacement for the character, Deadshot. He is a non-superpowered assassin who Task Force X can use, and he is also someone who can have a very personal and touching story.

The bonus of having Deathstroke is that he is not just a gun specialist, and the character is a master of martial arts. The character has the potential to become the main action lead in the film as well.

Deathstroke had been set to be the villain of Ben Affleck’s movie, The Batman, and also have a stand-alone film which would be directed by Gareth Evans. Now, these plans seem to have changed, and it is an opportunity to finally use the character in a much greater capacity.

It can even be for the best for everyone who is involved, and Manganiello being friends with James Gunn makes this switch more likely.

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