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Now You Can Watch The Darth Maul Scene From The Movie, Solo Right Here

Now You Can Watch The Darth Maul Scene From The Movie, Solo Right Here

The character, Darth Maul had made his grand return to the silver screen in the movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story after almost 20 years. This scene has now been released online for all the fans. Lucasfilm had also released a few images of the character with his all-new robotic legs. The former Sith made an appearance in The Clone Wars and Rebels, and so, this had been seen as pretty controversial for a few fans after he had been cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the movie, The Phantom Menace.

Lucasfilm is now leaning on the Maul component for promoting the release of the movie, Solo on digital outlets. The advertising choice is a pretty smart one as the Maul scene was a big surprise for all the fans. Many of the Star Wars fans had been super excited to know that Maul was behind the Crimson Dawn syndicate.

Towards the end of the movie, Qi’ra had made a call to the Crimson Dawn Syndicate from Dryden Vos’ room. The fans saw her speaking to a robed character who had been revealed to be Darth Maul. In the original script, Maul was not the character according to the director, Ron Howard. However, this character had been listed as one of the candidates for the “boss” role.


Ray Park had returned for reprising the physical role of Maul and Sam Witwer had provided the voice. The original Solo scene with the character had to be shot twice because it wasn’t “Maul enough” by the crew. So, Ron Howard went and reshot it, adding the Lightsaber and throwing in some more intensity. The addition of Maul also solved the mystery of Qi’ra’s fighting style, which is on full display in the film. Jonathan Kasdan then dove deep into the Star Wars universe for finding the style from the old video game Masters of Teras Kasi, and this had included Darth Maul.

Solo was not the box office success that Disney and had been expecting, but there are a few hopes that the home video release may bring in a few extra earnings. Now that this dust has been settled, all the Star Wars fans will be going back to the spin-off and enjoying this.

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