Avengers: Infinity War – How It Looks Without The Special Effects

Avengers: Infinity War – How It Looks Without The Special Effects

It is quite amusing to realize that Superman’s debut happened decades ago in 1938, but, it took a very long time for the superhero genre movies to become a popular box-office phenomenon. However, among the primary reasons behind it is not a mystery at all. It was only towards the turn of the 21st century that the moviemaking technology evolved enough to match the imaginations of the comic book creators. We see how in the comic books, the superheroes travel through the aquatic kingdoms, deep space, and parallel realities. There are characters who could be medieval heroes, space cops or weird monstrous beings. The comic books have no limits because it doesn’t cost anything more to create any kind of insane, science-fiction or fantasy environment compared to drawing a regular world, and things are vastly different in movies.

To make a grand film like The Avengers: Infinity War would not have been possible before the arrival of CGI. The movie has an unprecedented scope, including lots of space travel, alien lands, the New York City streets, and an imaginary as well as a highly advanced African nation. There is also a talking raccoon, a talking tree, a superhero who wears a nano suit, a monstrous Hulk, a Hulkbuster armor, pagan Gods, mighty wizards, a space monster, some alien psychopaths, a giant dwarf who has metal hands, and a whole army of savage four-armed human/dog hybrids, as well as a purple maniac who has a chin that looks like a huge potato chip. There was only one way of making Avengers: Infinity War without CGI, but, it could only have been a comedy, irrespective of whether it was supposed to be a comedy or not.

In case you wish to understand what we mean, go ahead and check out below how Avengers: Infinity War looks without all the CGI.

The making of a madman


Tony’s new toy

The Black Order

Wakanda Forever


The battle for the Mind Stone

The making of Stormbreaker


The battle for the Time Stone

After the snap

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