New Fan Theory Explains ‘The Only Way’ The Avengers Can Defeat Thanos In The Next Movie

New Fan Theory Explains ‘The Only Way’ The Avengers Can Defeat Thanos In The Next Movie

The latest effort at solving all the hidden mysteries of the Infinity War saga now deals with Doctor Strange and his attempts to try and examine all the alternate futures and how he finds out that there is only one outcome where the Avengers will defeat Thanos.

This film did not actually play out the way the fans had expected when Doctor Strange had given the Time Stone to Thanos. This had allowed Thanos to successfully assemble all the six stones on the Infinity Gauntlet and also wipe out half of universe. Towards the end, while Strange is turning into dust, he tells Iron Man, “It was the only way.”

The new fan theory on Reddit says that the Mad Titan and his sacrifice for the Soul Stone are crucial to the Avengers’ victory in the movie, Avengers 4. This is because of the Stone’s place in relation to the others. With this, Thanos is unstoppable and has control over life and death.

It is a pretty a convincing theory, but until we really know a bit more about the plot of Avengers 4, we cannot really set anything in stone. The movie, Avengers: Infinity War has been a big surprise for all the fans, and it is super likely that Joe and Anthony Russo will have something more surprising in store for us.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.

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